Sardines or Supplements

Hey, everyone, I remember having a hard time downing sardines most of my life.

And I think many out there suffer the same infliction… They’re just too oily, taste isn’t that spectacular and the thought of eating everything except the head… ­čśŤ
It’s a pity, though, as sardines are extremely┬áhealthy, full of Omega 3 fatty acids and low enough on the food chain to not be riddled with toxins.

A few years ago I met a guy who sold smoked sardines and that became my solution, these little guys are absolutely delicious and carry the same amount of good stuff as their grouse cousins!

Check out this short video and, if You haven’t already, give those smoked sardines a go, ok?

Thanks for watching, I appreciate You!

Peace be the Journey // Claes

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