2019-02-26 18.22.20

Let me help You treat Yourself!

Hey there, here’s a short video on the importance of treating ourselves and enjoy life in healthy ways. Be it a walk in nature one of these first days of spring, or something really tasty, and at the same time really healthy like this CocoCocoa Fudge: You need (by volume): 1 part shredded coconut 1 […]

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Catch the first symtoms!

Hey there, hope you’re super well today! I sure am, on my part, yet the last few days I chose to stay at home and recover as I clearly overtaxed my system slightly these last few weeks. Quite some years ago I made a promise to catch myself before going overboard and falling sick, this […]

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Get some daylight

Hey there, hope You’re doing awesome! Here’s just a short video on the benefits of getting some daylight early in the day, hope You find it useful! And, if You do, please share this post with others who might benefit, ok? Thanks for watching, I appreciate You! Peace be the Journey // Claes To get […]

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