Wheel of Health

Wheel of Health #3 – Emotional

Hey everyone – let’s get emotional 😉 The third area of the Wheel of Health is Emotional Health and I’d just like to ask You to give this some though right now, ok? Take a few minutes and think about what Emotional Health means to You! And we’re not talking about ‘getting by’, ‘being ok’ […]

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Wheel of Health #2 – Mental

Hey everyone, welcome to the second installment on The Wheel of Health – Mental Health What does it mean to You to be mentally healthy? I hallucinate that it’s more than just the absence of mental disorders or illness. Please take a moment and think about it, then share Your thoughts below, ok? Thanks for […]

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Wheel of Health #1 – Physical

Hey everyone lets dive into the first model we work with here – The wheel of Health   Today I’d like You to start working on the area of Physical Health, starting with defining for yourself what that means to You in Your life right now.     Check out the short video and, please, […]

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